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Working from home merchandise

2020 has seen a change in the business landscape as a large number of people work from home.  For some this may be an extension of what they were doing previously, whilst for others a radical change in lifestyle.

Whether this new form of working is a permanent change remains to be seen, as it is too early to assess the longer-term impact on businesses and individuals.  Meantime, companies and organisations are having to adapt to managing and supporting a scattered work force.

In addition to IT infrastructure there are other practical needs for those working from home which include things to say ‘thank you’ and also to reinforce being part of a team albeit at a distance.

In terms of WFH merchandise, there are 4 main categories:

Work From Home technical desk items.  These include;  device chargers, wireless chargers, webcam covers, power banks, USBs, iPad and phone stands, head phones, and Bluetooth speakers.

Work From Home stationery materialsPens, highlighters, pencils, stylus pens, notepads, notebooks, post-it notes.

Work From Home welfare products.  Sanitisers, hand wipes, coffee mug, water bottle, mints, sweets and chocolates, biscuits.

Work From Home clothing.  Polo shirts, Oxford shirts, fleeces and gilet.  Clothing with a logo is very smart for Teams and Zoom calls, gives a feeling of being at work and also is a connection back to the organisation.


Return to the office packs.

As organisations gradually re-open offices at scale, it may be important to provide people with items to make the transition more comfortable and welcoming.  We have produced back to the office packs containing such items as sanitisers,  wet wipes, face masks, lunch bags, cooler bags, water bottles, mugs and stationery items.

There also laptop bags, holdalls, backpacks and other bags for moving a portable office around.  We can now put individual names on items for additional security.  We also have Christmas thank you packs to be sent out in lieu of the annual office party.

The greatest asset for any organisation is the people operating at all levels.  2020 has been really disruptive for most employed people and the return to normality, or adapting to new ways of working, will take time.

The need to support, encourage, motivate and communicate to staff has never been greater.  Working from home branded merchandise plays a key role in meeting those needs.

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