Frequently asked questions

The product I want is not in your catalogue – can you still supply it?

The list of available items is endless and we can only catalogue a representative selection. We can source ANYTHING and it will help us if you can let us have a picture or product reference for the item that you want. If you have bought a product before we will be able to find it & guarantee to have a lower cost price. Increasingly bespoke items are becoming available in lower quantities.

We are looking for ideas – can you make suggestions?

Certainly. All we need is some information on the theme of the promotion or event; the target audience & your budget for each item, eg. a pen that costs about 25p. We have years of experience in many market sectors & already have product suggestions for housing associations, students, children, exhibitions & conferences and so on. If you have decided on a particular product, say umbrellas, we can send you specific hard copy or on-line catalogues that show a large range of umbrella options.

Can I get things quickly?

Yes – we have lots of items available on a 5 day express service, although the delivery time depends on the item chosen. The average lead time is 2-3 weeks after you have approved the visual of the artwork that we send to you. Some items such as trolleycoins and lanyards come direct from China & take 3-4 weeks but there are alternative UK sources that are faster.

Let us know what you want and when you need it and we’ll do everything possible to make it happen.

Can I see a sample before I commit to an order?

With most printed items it is generally not possible to provide a sample printed with your logo prior to full production. We can provide a sample of the item that has no logo, or perhaps someone else’s so that you can be happy with the look & feel of the product. Also we will send you a visual of the product showing your logo as it will appear when printed so that you can approve the size, position, spelling and so on. In a few cases, for example ceramic mugs, we can prepare a pre-production sample for your approval.

Why are your prices so much lower than other suppliers?

We know how easy it is today to obtain quotes for the same item from several sources. As we operate a genuine ‘Won’t be beaten on price’ promise, it is crucial that our pricing is very competitive on every quotation.

We achieve this in several ways:

  • Negotiating very best prices from suppliers
  • Tight cost control across the Company
  • Margins lower than our competitors
  • Constant monitoring of competitor and supplier prices to ensure that we have the correct buying source and price
  • ‘We won’t be beaten on price!’

If I start to buy from Something Different will I have to pay for new artwork?

No – we will re-create what you have had before at no charge. Where there is an origination and/or set up charge for a repeat order we will treat this as a repeat even though it will be the first time that Something Different has done it.

You will not lose out by moving to us.

How do I place an order?

The prices shown on our website and in our hard-copy catalogue are subject to a discount of up to 25%, so we need to quote for your specific requirements. Once you are happy with the quote, an email confirming the go-ahead will start our order processing system. If you need to supply a purchase order number but the delivery time is limited, we can proceed with out it and save valuable time.
We will invoice after the goods are delivered and our payment terms are 30 days nett.

What artwork do you need from me?

Most customers require a logo and possibly also some text to be printed on to the chosen item. If you have a log that you can send to us we can add the extra text that you need, eg. web address, telephone no. or event name. There is no cost for these changes. If possible we would like the logo in an editable form which may mean that the file is saved as an eps or pdf. If you only have it as a jpg. File or similar, please send us what you have and we’ll see what we can do.Sorry, but we are not able to design logos – but we can recommend people who can.

Don’t worry if you are new to all this, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

In the catalogue I see that prices do not include origination. What is origination?

When we are printing, engraving or embroidering items it is necessary to convert the computerized artwork file to the mechanical means of putting the logo on to the product. Screen printing involves the production of a sheet of material that lets dots of ink through on to the item. Digital print, engraving and embroidery require production of a different computer file that instructs the relevant machine on how to apply the logo. In addition there is sometimes a cost for setting up production each time the screen or disc is used. This is included in the ‘origination and/or set up’ part of our quote. Happily there are some products that have a one-off cost for origination and a good example is embroidery on garments.

I have limited space. Can you hold stock for me to be called off as required?

Yes – we have a warehouse where we can hold stock awaiting call-off. We do not charge for storage, picking or packing & will only invoice you for carriage as each shipment is sent out. We also operate an on-line ordering system for stock held in the warehouse which we can show you if this is relevant.

What Love Food Hate Waste items are available?

Something Different is a Partner of Love Food Hate Waste [see www.lovefoodhatewaste.com] and offers a range of standard products as well as bespoke items. Although most products are intended for food measuring, storage or used whilst shopping we can also apply LFHW branding to pens, mugs, balloons, clothing and many other popular products for use at events. More items are being developed all the time.

We are authorised to use the LFHW logo in its various forms and will ensure that all applications adhere to the brand guidelines.