WRAP estimates one third of all food in the UK is wasted

WRAP estimates one third of all food in the UK is wasted

One third of all food in the UK is wasted and 70% of this happens in our households. As the price of food continues to rise, this level of waste is affecting domestic budgets hugely.

The charity WRAP estimates that EVERY SINGLE DAY we discard:

  • 20 million slices of bread
  • 4.4 million potatoes
  • 3.1 million glasses of milk
  • 2.7 million carrots
  • 2.2 million slices of ham
  • 1.2 million tomatoes
  • 1 million onions
  • 900,000 bananas
  • 800,000 apples

The list goes on…..

Clearly, no-one does this intentionally and so we need to look at how this happens and look for ways to prevent it. At Something Different we have developed a range of Love Food Hate Waste branded items to help consumers cut down their waste. The LFHW printed products help in different ways.

  1. Meal planning. By planning ahead existing food can be combined with other items to avoid duplication and over-ordering. Something Different has a wipe-clean Love Food Hate Waste meal planner that attaches to the fridge for a clear view on the week ahead. In combination with the LFHW meal planner we also have the Love Food Hate Waste magnetic shopping list. Such a list not only prevents things being forgotten, but also works with the meal planner and reduces the possibility of browsing in store and impulse buying. We also have a Love Food Hate Waste magnetised memo clip that goes on the fridge to hold notes, receipts and reminders.
  2. Meal and ingredient storage. Fridges, freezers and cupboards are quite large and as new items are added to them the existing and older things can be easily hidden or buried. This is where our Love Food Hate Waste ‘What’s in my fridge and LFHW ‘What’s in my freezer’ wipe clean memo boards help to record the item and date as a reminder to make best use of it. We also have produced a Love Food Hate Waste storage wheel which gives valuable information on the best way to store bread, cheese, potatoes, vegetables and fruit. It is magnetised and can sit on the fridge next to the LFHW meal planner and shopping list. To keep ingredients or leftover food fresh, we have Love Food Hate Waste plastic bag clip which can also be used in the freezer and the Love Food Hate Waste fridge thermometer shows that food is being kept at the correct temperature for safety and long life. We also have a 1 litre Love Food Hate Waste storage box and lunch box which is made from a food grade plastic and has clip locks on 4 sides.
  3. Preparing just the right amount of food. Spaghetti and rice are renowned for being difficult to measure and so often far too much is prepared and then possibly wasted. The Love food Hate Waste spaghetti measure and LFHW 100ml rice scoop are the perfect solution.
  4. Other helpful LFHW branded merchandise. Having the Love Food Hate Waste logo on useful everyday items is a constant reminder of the message. Our shopping bags are eco friendly and although we have many other options, our 2 favourites are the Love Food Hate Waste jute bag and the LFHW natural cotton shopper. Our pens and pencils are eco friendly too using recycled materials. Our Love Food Hate Waste pen is made from recycled PET drinks bottles, and our LFHW pencil gives a second use to recycled newspapers.

When it comes to branding we can print the green Love Food Hate Waste logo and also the Cymru version and where space permits we can add another logo or text. Our Love Food Hate Waste branded merchandise is supplied to councils, housing associations, food retailers, waste management companies and many more.

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