Mental Health Awareness Week May 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week May 2022

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 9 – 15th May 2022 and is held annually as a way to focus attention on the importance of achieving and maintaining sound mental health.  This year marks the 21st event since it was started by The Mental Health Foundation who choose an annual theme and promote the event which has achieved enormous reach in many countries apart from the UK.

This year’s theme is loneliness.  The pandemic has had a major impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of many people and various lockdown episodes have left many struggling with feeling lonely.  Unfortunately loneliness has the effect of impacting on general mental health as it creates a feeling of isolation from the community at large, and during the pandemic family and friends could not always be there for people.  It is clear that many people are concerned about the very real threat to mental health that loneliness poses, even though by its very nature it is often a hidden problem.

The purpose of the Week is to raise the profile and understanding of what many regard as an epidemic of loneliness.  Clearly, by raising the profile of the problem it is hoped that practical steps can be devised to help at a national and local level.  Already  NHS Trusts are working very hard on tackling an increased demand for help with mental health issues from individuals and families.  The profile of mental health in general has been raised and validated in recent years by high-profile figures talking openly about their struggles, but loneliness requires still more communication to the public to create practical help for those affected.

At Something Different and Branded Healthcare Products we have a range of items that focus on mindfulness and also a large range of other products that can be used for communication or some form of other activity.  Our latest paper-based products include a mindfulness  A3 colour-me-in desk pad, an A5 mindfulness colour-me-in desk pad, mindfulness colouring book in various sizes and with varied page content.  A mindfulness journal, mindfulness desk calendar, and mindfulness keyboard pad complete the range of products ideal for taking notes, doodling, colouring-in and improving the mind set with positive messages.

Other personal items include printed stress balls, personalised silicon wrist bands and mental health kits that include a sleep balm, sleep mask, roll on pulse point and natural relaxing foam bath.  We also have a ‘Me time relaxing kit’ , relaxing bath and sleep kits, and many more.

Communication of mental health awareness is crucial and we have many items that are ideal for events, such as branded T shirts, embroidered polo shirts, personalised fleeces, printed banners, balloons, printed tablecloths and branded carrier bags.  At those events promotional merchandise related to mental health can be given away and popular items include mental health awareness badges, embossed wristbands, message pens, branded fidget spinners, personalised jig-saws, printed bubble blowers, branded stress monitor cards, and bookmarks with a message.

Whatever the target audience Something Different and Branded Healthcare Products can find personalised mental health products and branded mindfulness items to suit any budget.  And if you have ideas for new items that have not been seen before, we will do our very best to source or create them for you.

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