Love Food Hate Waste branded merchandise

Love Food Hate Waste branded merchandise

At Something Different we have been supplying LFHW branded products for over 10 years, but there has never been a more important time for families to eat well and save money.  70% of all the food that is wasted in this country is discarded by people in their own homes and this equates to 4.5 million tons of otherwise edible food.  This is equivalent to 8 meals per week for the average household.

Food Waste Action Week runs from 7th-13th March 2022 and will highlight the financial and ecological issues raised by this huge but often overlooked problem.  Although 81% of UK people have a concern about climate change, only a third of them understand the link with food waste.  The link being that 30% of global CO2 greenhouse gasses are created through the production and transport of food.

Food waste has many causes, but there are also lots of available products to improve planning, shopping, storage and preparation.  In addition Love Food Hate Waste is closely aligned with the need to recycle wherever possible and we have produced branded products for Recycle for Leicestershire, Recycle for North Yorks, Oxford Recycles, London Borough of Newham, Changeworks, Riverside Housing, Sainsbury’s and many more.

Uses of Love Food Hate Waste printed products

To increase awareness at events. Items include;  LFHW printed bags, t shirts, aprons, banners, pull up banners, feather flags, tablecloths, recycled newspaper pencils, and recycled PET pens.  We have worked with councils, housing associations, universities, schools and charities to provide publicity materials for events and demonstrations featuring food waste and recycling.  Display materials usually feature the Love Food Hate waste logo + the local organising body eg.  Derby Recycles

Food planning, shopping and storage.  Buying only what is needed and ensuring that it is not then forgotten, overlooked or hidden from view in storage can make a big difference.  We offer bespoke meal planners, branded paper shopping lists, magnetic clips for shopping lists, vouchers, receipts, magnetic memo boards with ‘what’s in my fridge?’ and ‘what’s in my freezer’ and various branded shopping bags as a reminder to avoid un-necessary buying!

Measuring and storage products.  Whether preparing food just for one meal or in a larger quantity for fridge or freezer storage, it is important to prepare the exact amount of food required.  Branded spaghetti measures, 100ml rice scoops,  and spoon sets all take away the guesswork and branded can lids, printed bag clips and the Love Food Hate Waste storage information wheel keep food at its best for as long as possible.

Other branded Love Food Hate Waste merchandise.  Other useful branded kitchen items include personalised tube squeezers, printed bowl scrapers, branded trolley coins, notepads, personalised notebooks, pens and pencils.

Recycled giveaways.  There is a strong link between the Love Food Hate Waste programme and the promotion of recycling.  We now have many products that are made from recycled materials, which may come from industrial waste or kerbside domestic recycled items.  There are now branded recycled PET pens, recycled PET water bottles, recycled PET bags, printed recycled plastic trolley coins, personalised recycled cotton bags and of course recycled paper and cardboard items.

There has never been a better time to promote the importance of preventing food waste and in preserving precious resources.

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