Branded promotional notebooks

Branded promotional notebooks

It seems ironic that the 21st Century was meant to be the era of the paperless office and with everything on line, and yet the branded promo notebook is becoming more popular every year.

The sheer variety of sizes, materials and special features combined with many branding techniques make personalised notebooks an ideal vehicle for company branding.

The range of sizes means that there is a printed notebook for every budget and also corporate notebooks, as well as being a much-valued item, have a long and useful life.  The scope for a branded cover, bespoke pages, branded sheets and even a fitted personalised pen mean that branding and information is really easy to communicate.

In a world increasingly dominated by technology research suggests that tangible products with a great look and feel are as appealing as ever.  Many of us enjoy writing and derive comfort from making notes for easy referral later as well as the ability to be visually creative.

See a full range of branded notebooks here.


Standard or bespoke notebook?

There are many notebooks available as standard items that are suitable for corporate branding onto the existing outside cover. Personalisation is available on the front and back covers.

If branded printed pages are required then a bespoke personalised notebook is the answer. Although more expensive, branded bespoke notebooks have many options for the personalisation of covers, extra pages of bespoke text and data, branding on each page, and Pantone-matched notebook covers.

Some standard notebooks have the option for additional full colour ‘tip-in’ pages at the front of the notebook. Sometimes known as page inserts, these are carefully stuck in ahead of the block of standard pages.

Covers can have shaped cut-outs which show the branding on the sheet behind, and there are options for clear, or frosted polypropylene covers.  House-shaped notebooks are ideal for housing associations.


Types of notebook

A surprising number of personalised notebook options are available beyond the regular books bound on the left-hand edge, or wiro-bound or spiral bound on the left hand edge.

Spiral notebooks are also known as wiro-bound notebooks and the great benefit to these is that when open the left and right hand pages will lie flat.  Smaller notebooks, such as the A6 notebook, can have the binding or spiral on the top edge and these are then in the form of a reporter notepad or pocket notebook.

If the number of pages is limited, it is possible to have a stapled construction  to create a printed exercise book, or doodle colouring book.  There are options for a branded notebook and pen, and notebook with matching colour pen, a notebook with page markers, a notebook with ruler and gift box sets.

As well as standard colour notebooks there are mix and match colour options for covers, elastic closing straps and now for coloured edges to the paper sheets, as well as contrast stitching on the cover.

Many notebooks have a pen loop and can be supplied with an unprinted, or printed pen which can also be the same colour as the notebook.


Pages – sizes and print options

As well as A7 notebooks, A6 notebooks, A5 notebooks and A4 notebooks, there are other non-standard sizes particularly in brands such as Moleskine, Castelli, Journal Books and Balmain.

Pages can be plain, ruled [with lines], graph paper, dotted paper, dateless diary pages or a combination of pages to create a life planner.



There is a large and growing list of materials including pvc notebooks, PU notebooks, cardboard, leather, suede and denim.  ECO-friendly materials include recycled board and paper, recycled PET covers,  vegan leather, bamboo, cork and canvas.

There is even a range of Appeel notebooks from Castelli which are made from apple peel & vegetable fibres.  All paper and board can be recycled. Covers can be soft, flexible, hard and see-through polypropylene.


Notebook branding options

The type of personalisation will depend on the material used on the cover.  There are screen printed printed notebooks, digitally printed notebooks, embossed notebooks, transfer printed notebooks, laser-engraved notebooks, foil blocked notebooks and the opportunities for bespoke notebook pages are endless.

There is also a notebook belly band available, which is a lightweight card sleeve around the notebook carefully tucked into the inside front and back covers.

They can be as wide as necessary to create a great visual impact with their colourful larger print area.  They are also known as a paper notebook wrap.


Main uses for branded corporate notebooks

  • As a piece of company stationery for employees containing important information
  • As a giveaway at corporate functions, meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and expos
  • New product launches
  • As a workbook for schools, colleges and universities
  • Given to students and Freshers as an introduction to University
  • A giveaway to business clients on sales visits
  • A thank you gift to staff or customers
  • Meeting green and sustainability goals

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